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4 Things New Parents Need the Most at Their Baby Shower

New parents are often nervous balls of excitement, but you can help them prepare for their new baby with a great gift for their baby shower. Here are a few ideas:

Diapers, Diapers, and More Diapers

Babies go through loads of diapers—no pun intended. So, unless the parents plan on cloth diapers, these are a MUST gift. Newborn diapers are usually the go-to, but you can plan for further in the future with size ones and twos. Invest in big boxes of the brands that the parents prefer, and stock up. Ensure that the new baby’s bottom is well and truly covered for a while. It’s one less thing that the parents have to worry about.

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Something Classy, Classic, and Memorable

New parents are sure to receive an abundance of rash creams and clothes at their baby shower, but few gifts mean as much as something classy, classic, and memorable. For instance, a handprint kit would be a big hit for the parents to preserve the memory of their little one as a newborn. Or, a custom frame for the first picture of their cutie that captures their hearts.

Something Literary and Meaningful

In this case, childhood books are the absolute best. Remember those books that you adored when you were a kiddo? Those same literary classics make great childhood gifts for a new baby. Include a cute, custom message on the inside cover, and you have a personal and meaningful gift that both the babe and new parents can cherish for always. However, skip the Dr. Seuss. Those books are the most gifted classics at a baby shower, and you should strive to be unique.

Educational Elements for Later in Life

For new babies, educational elements could be a framed picture of the alphabet, or a window cling of different, vibrant colors. Something that babies can look at and awe over before they really understand the educational values. These kinds of elements are commonly used as décor in a baby’s new room. Not saying you should break out the kids lab coat for future science classes, but letters, numbers, and colors are educational gifts to consider.

While the aforementioned gifts are great, the best thing you can give new parents is your support, praise, and good vibes for a healthy, happy baby and a great experience. Some people in their lives might not consider this a happy event, so you should be there to ensure them that a new baby is a blessed and amazing thing.

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