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Chicago Adopts E-Cig Regulations to Help Prevent Potential Substance Abuse

Drugs are chemical substances that produce physiological reactions in the body, mostly by suppressing sensations, but also by interrupting normal neural communications and functions.  This means that drugs cannot solve any of the physical, mental or emotional problems for which they are taken, they can only temporarily suppress the symptoms of these problems.  This goes for all drug substances–from alcohol and cigarettes to prescription painkillers and illicit drugs.  And while certain drug substances are definitely more dangerous than others, they all have the potential to be abused.

Many individuals understand a few basic facts about drug substances, including the fact that these substances can be harmful.  However, few individuals understand enough about drugs to comprehend that simply switching one drug substance for another is not sufficient to protect one from harm.  It is a well-documented fact that many of the drug substances that have been designed as safer alternatives have quickly proven to be more dangerous than the substances they were meant to replace.  The opium, morphine, heroin and methadone cycle has proven this–each replacement drug proving more potent and addictive than the one that came before it.  It is no wonder then, that e-cigarettes have proven to be more dangerous than the tobacco cigarettes they are meant to replace.

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E-Cigarettes and Substance Abuse

There is actually only a limited amount of information and research surrounding e-cigarettes, which are essentially vapor sticks designed to deliver doses of nicotine to the user.  Medical experts are not entirely sure what the full impact of e-cigarettes will be, and whether than can truly be considered “safe” alternatives to tobacco cigarettes.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that e-cigarette use doubled between 2011 and 2012, perhaps largely due to the fact that individuals are being convinced that this is a perfectly safe alternative to tobacco cigarettes.  Nicotine is sometimes considered a gateway drug that can lead to more dangerous and addictive substances, like heroin and cocaine.  And that is when one only considers their normal, intended use.

The use of e-cigarettes is a growing trend among both young adults and teenagers in the Chicago, but what’s more alarming is how they are being used.  Starting in April of 2015, e-cigarettes have become popular for smoking a wide variety of addictive substances.  It is believed that the wide range of enticing flavors available through e-cigarettes, like bubble gum, berry blast and caramel, are drawing younger individuals into the use of these vapor sticks, and in experimenting with other drugs.  Flakka, a dangerous new drug that can induce excited delirium, hallucinations and super-human strength, is one such drug that is being smoke with e-cigarettes.

Addressing the Problem

Medical professionals point out that while the full impact of e-cigarette use is as yet unknown, these vapor sticks can easily hide addictive substances.  This means that more individuals, including adolescents, may be exposed to highly addictive substances right in front of our very eyes.  What may be worse is that society in general seems to have accepted that an addictive drug substance, nicotine, is perfectly safe and acceptable to use.  In an effort to help address this dangerous new problem and help spread general public awareness of the dangers of e-cigarette use, Chicago’s Skokie’s ordinance prohibits all forms of smoking, including e-smoking, in public places.  One can hope that further preventative measures, including effective drug education programs, will follow.  It’s important to help individuals understand that all drug substances are potentially highly dangerous, no matter how they are designed or used.



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