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Diverse Health Benefits of Cambogia Garcinia

Cambogia is the fruit of arnica tree that is native to Indonesia and is also abundantly found in India, South East Asia and some parts of Africa.  The fruit looks like a small pumpkin that can vary in size from a small orange to grapefruit, and is usually green when unripe, but differs in color when ripened from yellow, red, orange and brown.

The taste of this fruit is sour and acidic; it’s a fleshy fruit and has long been used for digestive relief in Ayurveda.  The extracts and the rind of this fruit are commonly used in cooking, as a flavor adding the ingredient in curries, or sometimes used as a condiment.  From a long time ago it is being believed that the ingesting of this fruit acts as an appetite suppressant, thus making the meals more filling.  The natural ingredient in the rind of this fruit is called hydroxy citric acid or HCA that has the quality of blocking levels of citrate lyase in a human body. Citrate Lyase is a vital enzyme that assists the making of fat cells from carbs.

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Since 2012, when Dr. Oz flaunted this fruit as a phenomenal weight loss aid, there has been an enormous upsurge in consumer demand for garcinia Cambogia.  Though there are not many clinical studies to sustain the idea of using this fruit extract for weight loss but many people who have used it vouch by it.  And with time this product has garnered a lot of media attention irrespective of the lack of scientific data and the fact is that this product does hold sensational potential. Here are some of the most important research based Garcinia Cambogia health benefits:

Healthy Appetite Control – this completely natural supplement aids weight loss as the natural compound HCA acts as an appetite suppressant and promotes a healthy digestive function. It also reduces the cravings of in-between meals, and thus decreases the intake of fats and carbohydrates and supports permanent weight loss in a natural way.

Inhibit Synthesis Of Fat – consumption of this fruit extract accelerates fat metabolism and also, by blocking levels of citrate lyase, cuts the making of fat cells in a body. Supports Increase In Lean Muscle Mass – This novel dietary supplement promotes a steady development of lean muscle mass, and makes your body leaner, without a very vigorous workout routine. But a regular exercise regime is compulsory when you are taking Garcinia Cambogia supplements and you want a leaner body mass.

Enhances Mental and Emotional Health- Another very vital health of this fruit extract is that by assisting stress hormone cortisol, it helps you to cope easily with daily day to day stress and boosts the serotonin levels. Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter that controls the feelings of happiness and well-being. Better emotional health is a vital factor for all weight loss programs.

Cautions for buying Garcinia CambogiaWhile buying garcinia Cambogia extract make sure that it has at least 50 percent CA as this is the most important component of the product. Also, make sure the product is 100 percent pure and natural without any additives and that the product is produced in a suitably regulated facility.

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