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How Ashwagandha Will Improve your Thyroid

Thyroid is a small gland in the area of the neck that controls much of the body, including how our body reacts both physically and mentally. Whenever the thyroid gland is operating properly, we really don’t even notice that it is there. Whenever the thyroid begins to malfunction in some way or another, however, it soon becomes evident that something must be done. There are two different things that can happen to our thyroid and both of them can be a major cause of depression in us as individuals.
Hyperthyroidism is whenever there are too many chemicals that are being produced by the thyroid. Typically, severe weight loss and hyperactivity will go along with hyperthyroidism, along with severe depression in many cases. This can be difficult to treat but it is possible for you to overcome these thyroid problems naturally. Hypothyroidism is exactly the opposite. This is often caused by cysts that grow on the thyroid, known as Hashimoto’s disease. Whenever this occurs, weight gain, feelings of uneasiness and depression can result. As a matter of fact, whenever somebody is admitted because of mental problems to an institution, the first thing that they look at are the levels in the thyroid. It is that serious.
Most people who have problems with their thyroid take a prescription medicine that is called Synthroid. In actuality, however, Synthroid is synthetic and may cause cancer. There is another medicine that needs to be prescribed by a doctor but it is made from natural hormones, found in animals. This is called Armour thyroid and you need to talk to your doctor about this if you’re having problems with your thyroid gland.
Although you might be on a prescription medication for your thyroid problems, there are ways for you to treat it naturally as well. Many people find that as they go on a natural treatment for the thyroid, they are able to reduce the amount of medication that they are taking with their doctor’s consent. For example, many people have a severe deficiency of iodine and this is important if you’re going to have a healthy thyroid. There are also many other supplements which may help your thyroid to function properly.
As you work on getting your thyroid healthy, you will begin to notice differences in the way that you feel mentally. Often, depression begins to fade away and a sense of well-being returns as the thyroid begins to function properly.
Ashwagandha is one herb that you should consinder  when trying to boost your thyroid function.

How Ashwagandha Will Improve your ThyroidAshwagandha is very abundant in minerals especially those that facilitate better thyroid functioning. Ashwagandha may boost thyroid function In fact, it is greater than 20% minerals by weight and it contain liberal amount of iodine. The reason why iodine is very vital in thyroid function is that, it is a precursor for the thyroid gland to be able to manufacture enough amount of thyroxine. Thyroid gland should have adequate supply of iodine (about 50 milligrams) if iodine is scarce then few thyroxine will be produced. This hormone is responsible for regulating the body’s metabolic rate hence, several mechanisms in the body helps to maintain equilibrium of such hormones. Maintaining thyroxine in balance is very crucial because once it is destabilized many health problems will arise..

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