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HUGE Deca Durabolin Results

Deca Durabolin is one among very effective and popular inject able anabolic steroids. In bodybuilders this can do miracles. When it comes to building muscle mass in AIDS and HIV patients this is the right choice. By using Dostinex and stacking it with Trenbolone or Tren one can yield desired results. Dostinex helps these two steroids to work in combination.

Pills and injections of Deca Durabolin:

Nandrolone Decanoate is the chemical name for Deca Durabolin. But in the black market all the Nandrolone products which come with Decanoate are considered as Deca. Organon is the manufacturer who released the brand Deca Durabolin in 80s. It is produced after the elimination of carbon atom which is present in the 19th position in the steran nucleus and hence it is a progestin.

Even though it is a progestin it will not produce any estrogenic side effects. Therefore this steroid is mainly used for bulking as well as cutting cycles. This steroid comes with very low aromatization effects.

HUGE Deca Durabolin Results


Deca Durbolin is considered to produce very effective results if used responsibly. There will be gains in lean muscle mass after using this steroid. But usage of Deca Durabolin should be accompanied by balanced exercise programs and nutritional diet.

No steroid can replace a healthy nutrition. They just have the capability to enhance the positive effects in the body because they are same as natural hormones in the body. So to get only positive results one should follow a healthy life style.

To get highest muscle mass in bodybuilders one should take enough calories throughout their diet plan.

Even though Deca is considered slow compared to other steroids, it helps users to hold the gained muscle for long term. It shows good results on the male body.

Bulking cycles of Deca and Anabolic effects:

Many users reported that there will be water retention after using this steroid. But nothing can be done for this. One good thing about Deca is the total aromatase is twenty percent of testosterone. one can use anti estrogen supplements to reduce the water retention to some extent. But through this body will get more calories.

Water holding is directly related to overeating of carbs. So water retention also happens when there is too much carb intake. That means there need not be Deca to produce this. So, one should be very strict when it comes to diet control to avoid water retention. Along with developing bone material content Deca also helps in development of collagen. This is extremely beneficial for athletes. If they are suffering from connective tissue issues and joint maladies Deca can really help them.

It alleviates joint pain though anti-inflammatory process which is immune mediated. This is because of its progestin nature. This steroid is suitable for AIDS patients to gain weight. It is very effective for all those who are suffering from wasting tissues problems.

Deca is preferred both for bulking and cutting cycles. But when it comes to cutting cycles, particularly Nandrolone phenylpropionate must be used.

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