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Top Male Actors in Hollywood Who Went from Fat to Fit

Hollywood has always been the land of fantasies, where stars are born and their lives are anything but ordinary.

However, it is not all luck and chances that make them the icons they are today. Many of the Hollywood celebs have come up from being the chubby babies just like you and me. Hours at the gym, hitting the cardio and following a strict diet are the reasons behind their chiseled bodies and washboard flat abs.

In one of the interviews with Bob Simonds in Deadline, it was quite evidently revealed that some of the most loved faces in Hollywood have turned from fat to fit before hitting their hall of fame. Let us take a look at those faces.

Russell Crowe

This very famous actor known for this outstanding role in “Gladiator” is also one of the best looking celebs in the entire pack. Crowe, who is known to sport a perfectly chiseled body with toned muscular abs, used to be plump and podgy at some point in time. But after this New Zealand, born actor was signed on for roles in Hollywood films, he had to undergo stringent routine to shed that extra weight. It was never easy for him to let go of pizzas and ice cream, as he had admitted in an interview. But he was successful in doing so and now is really a treat to the eye for his never-ending queue of female fans!

 Christian Bale

Don’t we all love our favourite Batman! But how many of us know how hard Christian “Batman” Bale had to work out to fight off his overweight issues. He had to reduce a whopping 63 lbs for his role in the film “The Mechanist” to portray a lanky person who suffers from insomnia. Christian Bale has been widely applauded by his fellow men for his weight management routine. Hardcore cardio and lean mean diet were his only lookout during his weight loss regime. This actor is also known for shedding weight and then again going back to his toned form as per demands from his film projects. Now, this is genuinely an inspiration for his young followers.

Robert De Niro

Who does not know the legend of Hollywood? Robert De Niro is one of the most iconic actors that Hollywood could ever produce. A huge variety of different characters played by De Niro makes him one of the most brilliant performers of all times. But during his career path, as demands from one of his films where he had to play the role of a boxer, this actor had to undergo serious weight reduction. Undergoing extensive cardio exercises, implementing a tough diet plan as well as extreme dedication to his work helped De Niro get into the shape of an athlete, so much so that the director of the film recommended him to take up boxing in real life.

These celebrated actors are a real inspiration when it comes to dedication and hard work. Their dedication has helped them battle overweight problems and reach for excellence. We tend to just admire them for their portrayal of their image, but seldom do we think about the extreme determination and hard work that these performers put in to achieve their position. That is something worth drawing inspiration from!

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