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What Is The Difference Between Derma Fillers And Botox Treatment For Chin And Jaw?

Here it come the wide range of treatment processes that are specified for the chin and jaw treatment bringing up the innovations in the field of aesthetic training for facial concerns.  It includes derma fillers London, Botox, vistable, botulinum toxin and the other combination treatments.

Derma fillers:

As face is the core part of your appearance and generally, people are more focused and determined for the facial surgeries. The most common issue that arises is of chin and jaw line wrinkles that initiate the sense of low confidence as well as lack of presentable look. The real problem comes when a patient has to choose between surgical and non surgical treatments. As a matter of fact, when it comes to face, non surgical treatments are preferred. Derma fillers in this regard prove to be a problem solver. If you have unwanted line around your jaw and wrinkles on your chin area then the fillers are your best remedy.

With the passing age, the skin also becomes sagged and due to this wrinkles and fine line appears. In medical terms, this happens when the level of collagen and hyaluronic acid becomes down causing the skin to become sagged and loose.  Derma fillers then fulfill the need of collagen and HA by injecting them into the skin. In the domain of Botox London, these derma fillers are basically the injections that have smooth gel and naturally produced HA which when injected to your skin, adds volume thereby lowering the wrinkle effect and thus stimulating the amount of collagen in the skin.

Botox Treatment For Chin And Jaw

Who derma fillers work?

Generally, derma fillers work in two ways:

  • Derma fillers add volume into the skin by restoring the already present collagen in the skin in case of minimum to normal aging process.
  • It also helps to naturally develop the amount of collagen into the skin, if in case it has been lost in case of heavy wrinkles and fine lines.

Derma fillers in both the cases are very helpful to provide your face a considerable lift and giving the patients a complete and youthful personality.


Due to increasing stress level and depression, wrinkles appear and cause the skin to sag down in every young age. This problem is very common among females especially and it then can be corrected by using Botox treatment. This process is equally important for laugh lines that give unattractive look. Botox treatment can be combined with our techniques if the wrinkles are deep and also it can be used for scars and pigmentation.

How Botox works?

The purpose and the working of Botox are also based on the injection process that are used around four different points on the chin and jaw line. These injections are very impactful while preventing the wrinkles as Botox contains different components that are being transmitted into the skin muscles giving it a wrinkles free look.

Risks and complications are associated with both of these processes and to avoid Botox side effects it generally requires few weeks to months for the complete recovery.

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